Monday, June 5, 2017


1) I chose the 17th article and this article is about kayaks and all that can come from kayaking at camps. One thing discussed in the article is what would be required of campers. It also discusses all the experiences that can happen such as seeing a whale and just the kayaking in the still waters itself.

2) The purpose of the article is to give the reader information on what a kayaking camp is and a general idea of what it's like.

3) The text structure being used in the article is description . The reason I believe description is used in this article because the text has a lot of information on what one of these camps are like.


  • Font effects
  • Illustrations and photographs
  • Graphics
PART TWO: The argument on if women and men being equal has been an issue that has been given a lot of attention lately and is a big issue in today's world. The reason I feel that the gap between the genders on the response of women being equal is so big is that people aren't getting enough information on the issue. There is evidence that there is a wage gap and that women are being treated differently just because of what gender they are. In this article by the Huffington post titled ¨7 Things To Know If You Think Women Are Equal To Men¨ it shows that women aren't being treated as equals and that men have it easier in the world. Things such as the wage gap and women getting different treatment in the workplace are clear evidence that women aren't being treated equally.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


1) Social media can improve the quality of life. It can do this by allowing people from different backgrounds and places to interact with one another and use social media as a platform to spread positivity.

2) Shawn´s passions are all about going out and having fun for people to see. I don't really have many passions but I really like cars, Specifically the Japanese Domestic Market or JDM for short.

3) The two parts of social media are creating and consuming. The creating part of social media is creating content to be put out on social media. While the consuming aspect of social media is the interaction between people as they view the content that someone has put out and like it or discuss it. The way that these give people power is that a person can create something and people can consume it and give positive feedback and that will make the creator of the content feel better about what they have done.

4) The king of the rainforest story shows that someone will only think that they can´t do something when other people are saying that they can´t. How just going for something and not paying attention to the people trying to hold that person back can make it possible for someone to achieve their goals.

Monday, May 15, 2017

5/15 Lollipop moment

1) If I had to think of a lollipop moment I would think back to the 2nd grade when my teacher showed me how to tie my shoe, she took time out of her life to teach me how to do that before recess so I wouldn't fall. Because of her, I can now tie my shoe whenever I want to and I have not told her that she had that big of an impact on my life.

2.A) What Marianne means by the quote is that people fear that thinking they have some sort of power means that they are being arrogant or egotistical. That nobody wants to claim to be better as they feel that they don't have the potential to be better

2.B) I do agree with this quote, people in the world have issues with claiming that they have a higher position. People of today are worried that they don't have what it takes to do something, and because of that people aren't willing to do more.

3) I will give my barber a bigger tip next time I go for a haircut, I will also tip the person that does my eyebrows.

Monday, May 8, 2017

5/8 Blog About Books

1) What makes a book classic is whether the book was able to impact the world somehow or not, also if it is able to attract readers after many years of the book being first published. Another thing that people say make a book a classic is if some deeper meaning can be found in the writing.

2) A canon in the world of literature is the version that shows the best representation of something or that is considered the better than the other iterations of the same story. An example of a book that is canon would be To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

3) I personally believe that books shouldn't be banned, for multiple reasons. One being that a person can really get an idea of an others perspective on an event and really grasp what had happened and how the author decided to interpret it. Another being that not allowing a book to be read because of what it's about or the controversy surrounding it is idiotic. A person should be able to read a book whether or not it is considered profane, just because some don't like a specific book doesn't mean everyone can't make their own decision on whether or not they want to read it. One reason why people wanted to ban the book Of Mice and Men is due to the language found, throughout the book there is are certain words used that was found offensive which got it banned in the Shelby County school system in Tennesse. Another reason being that the Olathe region of Kansas thought that the book insulted women, African Americans, and the mentally disabled with derogatory terms

Monday, May 1, 2017


1) Dust pneumonia is when there is a buildup of the dust inside the lungs. What causes dust pneumonia is the inhalation of large amounts of dust frequently and for a long time. The prolonged effect of dust inhalation causes problems in the lungs as the lungs aren't able to protect the lungs from such a large amount of dust. Problems that could occur from this are mainly lung problems like asthma and bronchitis. But other symptoms can occur such as eye infections.

2) During the 1930's people that lived in the area mainly impacted by the dust bowl didn't have medicines specifically made to deal with the problems caused by dust pneumonia. So families would use home remedies to deal with it such as rubbing vaseline on the nose and making chest plasters out of mixtures of turpentine, kerosene, skunk oil, and lard. Now all that was necessary as people who had migrated to the area caused the dust bowl. What people did was excessively farm the land causing the land to be unusable and instead of planting another crop to help the soil, they just moved to a different farming area. This led to the soil becoming dry and when a large amount of wind blew all that dust from the dried out soil went into the air causing the dust bowl.

3) A problem for people living in the area where the dust bowl had a massive impact was getting out of the area safely. but for a lot of people that was more difficult than it seemed and I don't know how I would go about it. If I had a family and only one bag, I would first pack a change of clothes, after I would pack necessities for the road such as water and food. After I would pack personal belongings that couldn't be left behind such as jewelry and items that the kids held close. By then I'm sure there would be minimal room left in the bag so the rest would be filled with the home remedies that were used during the dust bowl. The hardest part having to leave everything behind just to move somewhere else is just the fact that everything is left behind. For one all the valuables that are too massive to take or would just take unnecessary space, but the worst of it is leaving all the family history and memories that were made there just to survive.

Monday, April 24, 2017

4/24 blog

1) The PSA against texting and driving was extremely effective. In the PSA they showed very graphic images of the damage done to vehicles and how badly hurt people got from the collision. So the best element used to show how texting and driving was an issue was imagery.

The purpose of this PSA was to bring awareness to school shootings by showing them as medication for a kid. I find the PSA useful as it brings awareness to the issue of school shootings in a short and effective way.

Monday, April 17, 2017


1) A study showed a link between health and education. How people with a diploma tend to have a higher self esteem compared to those who never finish high school.

2) It would be harmful to society as those who dont finish high school have a higher chance of ending up in jail.

3) reprocussions from not having kids graduate on time could lead to students leaving that school system, which leads to that school having less money and thus not having the proper resources to help the students that stay. What schools could do to help this with this problem is help those who are struggling in school better.