Monday, January 9, 2017


1)I watched the blog about the kid that found a way to check for pancreatic cancer. The Ted Talk was about this kid that had somebody like an uncle to him die from pancreatic cancer. So he created a cheap and effective way to check for pancreatic cancer

2)The teen was trying to overcome the complicity of pancreatic cancer and find a better way to check for it and begin using a new method rather than the on they use now. Also, the teen was limited by adults as he turned in his theory to over 200 professors and was rejected by 199 of them.

3)It shows his personal experiences

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Blog on like ads

1) I feel that polls and surveys are a very reliable way to get data in a study. The reason being is that with a poll or survey, the public that uses the product is being asked directly. While some people might be loyal to a product and give biased opinions, most people will give their honest opinion of a product.

2) For me, finding the ads that worked were the biggest struggle, the majority of the ads I attempted to find were screenshots of commercials that went on TV. The ones that I did find were either too big or too small and changing the size of the ad would make the ad illegible. So finding the ad that went with the hook ate up a lot of time.

this  website page features multiple pictures of ads of Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a TAG Heuer watch.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Blog for That Essay

1) It is important to support an argument with data and proof because without it the argument will seem wrong, and an argument with data and proof is more believable. Such as if somebody were to debate that global warming is real then they would provide data. The reason is because saying that it feels warmer is not as good as saying that the ice caps are melting from the hole in the ozone caused by pollution.

2) An opposite claim to something would be good for a company as it could help sell the product. Such as the counter argument of global warming not being real. If people believe than it could help the sales of cars that have a low mpg and are less economical.

3) The audience of the for the essay are the other students in the class so teens are the audience. Also, the people that I am trying to convince that my two hooks are the best for convincing a buyer to buy that product are teens.

Monday, November 28, 2016

What Influences My Purhcases

1) The advertisement for yachts uses badge value to sell them. The way I can tell this is because it shows a yacht which a luxurious thing to own and the ad says that a yacht is now a necessity. The thing is though is that a yacht is not a necessity and that it's an item of luxury owned by those with a lot of extra money on hand while the ad says that everyone should have a yacht such as average people.

2) From the 3 the unique claim is the one that gets me to purchase products. One example is when I bought my PlayStation 4, I did it because it had better graphics than the opposing consoles which influenced my purchase.

3) A reason that advertisers would choose messaging value over brand value is to appeal to the egotistical side of a person. For example, a car like the Nissan Leaf is better for the environment than most cars so somebody would buy it. Then somebody could say that they care about the environment and feel better about themselves because they bought a car that is better for the environment.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet- True or Romantic Love?

1)Romeo and Juliet from the Shakespearian play have romantic love. One evidence point to prove this is that Juliet is 13 and had been going through a stage where she became the victim of her hormones which is what led to Juliet falling in love with Romeo. Also, when she finds Romeo dead she kills herself because she thinks of her desire to be with him which without the consideration of others.

2) I personally believe that when true love and romantic love are compared, true love is the better love. True love is compassionate towards the other person while romantic love is just lust towards someone's else's physical beauty.

3) After reading the article I believe it was Juliet was the one who was most responsible with their emotions. While they were both irresponsible with their emotions, Juliet didn’t want anything bad to happen to Romeo while Romeo did not care what happened to Juliet as long as he had her.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

1) There are many ways that the Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet, can be seen as a political story. One of the reasons is that the Montague family and the Capulet family often ignore the proclamation set by the prince of Verona. Also, that one of the obstacles in the way of Romeo being with Juliet is that the prince of Verona has Romeo exiled and said that if he were to return that he would be executed.

2) The way that Shakespeare implements the element of tragedy is that he writes of two innocent nobles, the nobles being Romeo and Juliet making a fatal error. Errors such as marrying at a young age, ignoring the feud between their two families, and in the end committing double suicide over each other.

3) There are many differences between the theaters of today and the theaters back when people go to watch plays rather than horrible comedies and sequels. Today, people will dress up for the theater and have conversations before the move starts, and once the movie does start everybody turns of their distractions so it doesn't bother other movie goers and just watch the movie. Theatres back then were almost complete opposites. Theatres were quite messy and loud and instead of being quiet everybody would be loud during the play and shout their opinions on the play if they feel the play was bad.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

1) I personally go to bed at around 10:00 P.M and there are a few factors that lead to that time frame. I know that if I get to bed at around 10:00 then I can get about 8 hours of sleep and that is enough sleep for me to not be sluggish in the morning and during the day. Another factor is that I get tired at around that time, mainly because I've been sleeping at 10:00 for a while now. So my body is just used to sleeping around that time now.

2) It says in the article that a school in London known as UCL Academy has a later start to school. Throughout the document, it mentions how it is a good idea to make schools start later.  Such as how puberty has a part to play in making students feel more tired in the morning making 7:00 in the morning feel more like 5:00. So that combined with the early start to school makes it difficult for teens to be productive during the school day. Lastly, the lack of sleep could drive people to use harmful substances such as tobacco and smoking at an early age can seriously affect someone in the future.

3) There are many reasons that sleep should be taken seriously and it states many examples in the document. First of all, without the right amount of sleep, it becomes really difficult to be productive during the day. Also, that with the right amount of sleep there would be no need to use caffeinated beverages or energy drinks to keep somebody awake during the day and still have them awake at night, cutting into time that should be used for sleeping. Lastly, not having the right amount of sleep could lead to the higher production of the hormone known as ghrelin which is the hormone that leads to the feeling of hunger, which could lead to diseases such as obesity and diabetes. To end off, there are are a lot of reasons that sleep deprivation can be a serious problem and that taking the time to sleep at night is extremely important.