Monday, February 13, 2017

1/13 blogs

1) He is arguing on how massive the sneaker market is and is backing it up with statistics and additional information.

2) The two markets that Nike sells to are the retail market where Nike sells the shoes directly to the buyer. The second market is the re-sell market where consumers hype the show up causing in increase in the price of the shoe.

3) If I were to get into a market I would go into the hoodie market. The reason being is that I have many hoodies to sell and I need more hoodies to wear.

Monday, February 6, 2017

1/6 blog

1) The article "What so wrong with Comic Sans" is an advice column

2) I believe that the article uses the sequence and order text structure. I believe this because it tells the history of how it was created in order.

3) Wearable technologies was the thing that peaked my interest the most. The reason being is that maybe one day an entire house could be controlled by a single smart watch

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

1/30 Blog

1) non-fiction is a form of literature that portrays true facts, such as a news article in a newspaper

2) The main reason that we most likely switched to no longer using textbooks as it has become more efficient to use more technology at school.

it is linked to my interests

Monday, January 23, 2017

1/23 blog

1)      There is a lot of evidence to prove that daily exercise is beneficial to the body. First of all, when people don't exercise they can't get rid of the negative things that food can put into the body. So all excess fat can build up wich causes serious health problems. Now with daily exercise the excess fat can be burnt off and after that fat is burnt off than more exercise will make the body even healthier. Also withought proper exercise than heart problems can occur wich could lead to fatal consequences. So there are many benifits to having a daily exercise routine.

Monday, January 9, 2017


1)I watched the blog about the kid that found a way to check for pancreatic cancer. The Ted Talk was about this kid that had somebody like an uncle to him die from pancreatic cancer. So he created a cheap and effective way to check for pancreatic cancer

2)The teen was trying to overcome the complicity of pancreatic cancer and find a better way to check for it and begin using a new method rather than the on they use now. Also, the teen was limited by adults as he turned in his theory to over 200 professors and was rejected by 199 of them.

3)It shows his personal experiences

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Blog on like ads

1) I feel that polls and surveys are a very reliable way to get data in a study. The reason being is that with a poll or survey, the public that uses the product is being asked directly. While some people might be loyal to a product and give biased opinions, most people will give their honest opinion of a product.

2) For me, finding the ads that worked were the biggest struggle, the majority of the ads I attempted to find were screenshots of commercials that went on TV. The ones that I did find were either too big or too small and changing the size of the ad would make the ad illegible. So finding the ad that went with the hook ate up a lot of time.

this  website page features multiple pictures of ads of Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a TAG Heuer watch.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Blog for That Essay

1) It is important to support an argument with data and proof because without it the argument will seem wrong, and an argument with data and proof is more believable. Such as if somebody were to debate that global warming is real then they would provide data. The reason is because saying that it feels warmer is not as good as saying that the ice caps are melting from the hole in the ozone caused by pollution.

2) An opposite claim to something would be good for a company as it could help sell the product. Such as the counter argument of global warming not being real. If people believe than it could help the sales of cars that have a low mpg and are less economical.

3) The audience of the for the essay are the other students in the class so teens are the audience. Also, the people that I am trying to convince that my two hooks are the best for convincing a buyer to buy that product are teens.